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SDM is literally a “Labor of Love” (pun intended): (see…

Socially Driven Music began as a plan to guide music creators in improving their livelihoods while intersecting with and championing social causes. We quickly recognized that this is best made possible by influencing the politics integral to it all. Together, we can impact social good rather than just complain about injustices. SDM is a clarion call and bridge that connects grassroots groups with passionate artists with shared values.

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Besides revolutionizing local activism and philanthropy by creating community with local emerging and established artists and their fanbase ambassadors, Socially Driven Music’s catalytic model puts forth several integrated…

Make the Music Industry Relevant Again! What? Why? How?

In the process of devising a music business venture to improve the livelihoods of music creators, we had an epiphany from which Socially Driven Music (SDM) emerged. It became clear that music and social impact could be brought together for reciprocal benefit. #Music4APurpose will also elevate the mostly uninspired, copycat dreck currently offered by the music business and appeal to a large alienated audience no longer listening to new music. Read about SDM’s Value Propositions and see our PowerPoint presentation here:

The music industry can and must influence social causes and fundamental politics on a daily basis...not only when tragedy…

A mentally healthy person doesn’t stage a pointless joyride around the hospital at which he is a patient with a virulent infectious disease. He doesn’t disregard safety protocols and callously expose others to the virus. He wouldn’t double-down on this reckless behavior the next day with another photo app at the White House after insisting upon a premature discharge from the hospital. He is so narcissistic and deluded as to believe that he’s the one human who can vanquish COVID-19 and then has the temerity to use vapid visual spectacles as a metaphor for an exhibition of the strength needed…

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Check out the post above, “Trump’s Reality…” for a primer before you read on. The Emperor Has No Clothes.

Democracy is fragile and not pre-ordained. It’s essential that we be reminded of the blood and treasure that has been sacrificed by Americans of every persuasion and ethnicity to protect and advance the United…

“A Very Stable Genius”

As we applaud and embrace the diverse millions of people who are standing up and protesting for racial equality under the pall of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders and too many other similar injustices, we must also recognize that supporting Trump’s reelection would be antithetical to all the change that we fight and strive for. We must humiliate him in a landslide defeat by sending a historical message that he is on the wrong side of history in all his deluded, racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, jingoistic, xenophobic notions. Dividing us with a constant stream of pathological lying is not…

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Music Can Inform Voters and Politics, and Influence Daily Life for the Better.

The music industry’s #BlackoutTuesday/#TheShowMustBePaused initiative is certainly a heartfelt and well-intentioned gesture. No doubt that the industry is sincerely and deeply troubled and empathetic to the tragedy of the killing of George Floyd. But what will meaningfully result from a one day hiatus from work? We suggest that we must do more. We must do what we can to offer hope and quell the violence.

It is also commendable to see music companies making donations to relevant organizations fighting against bigotry and supporting the important work of these dedicated groups. …

Socially Driven Music develops and parlays #MusicThatMatters with hyperlocal extraordinary music and activism that pays financial and emotional dividends for all…now and later!

This is meant to be read as a companion piece to:

I watched the excellent, poignant and heartfelt televised “iHeart Living Room Concert for America,” hosted by Elton John (March 29, 2020), and the Global Citizen “One World: Together at Home” special (April 18, 2020), and was struck by how they mirrored some of Socially Driven Music’s most fundamental concepts.

Event driven concerts and coordinated livestreams are appreciated, but the real heavy lifting begins with motivating effective follow-up. Although the excellent programs certainly illuminated their worthwhile goals, the limited design of single, universal programs (despite their promotion) stops short…

Stephen (Steve) Love

Music Biz; Fitness Evangelist; Animal Rights Advocate; Politico; Palm Springs (CA) Area Real Estate; Big Thinker!

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